We Provide!

At EBA Flooring, our suite of services is tailored to meet the diverse requirements of your flooring projects. With an extensive selection of top-notch materials, we ensure a perfect match for your specific needs, whether in the commercial or industrial domain. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering personalized solutions within your project’s timeline and budget, providing you with the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.


In challenging environments, our team excels in delivering impeccable installations.

Subfloor Preparation

Properly preparing the subfloor, whether for leveling or eliminating dust and debris, is a crucial aspect of our comprehensive services.

Flooring Removal

With precision and professionalism, we handle the careful demolition or removal of your current flooring.

Seam Welding

Enhance cleanliness and hygiene in critical spaces like hospitals, operating rooms, and fitness centers by opting for vinyl flooring, effectively eliminating dust, dirt, & bacteria.

Stair Treads/Risers/Stringers

Your multi-level flooring requirements are met with expertise through meticulous preparation and installation processes.


Recognizing your unique needs, we match the perfect product to your specifications at the most suitable price point.

Finishing Touches

Cove Base

Elevate your wall protection strategy and simplify cleaning by adopting cove base flooring, effectively thwarting the concealment of bacteria, dirt, and insects.

Carpet Base

Discover a superb substitute for traditional wood or vinyl baseboards that not only conceals scuff marks but also imparts an illusion of spaciousness to your rooms.

Wood Trim

Achieve a sophisticated and refined ambiance by seamlessly marrying your floors to the walls, ensuring a professional and finished appearance for your space.


Experience a seamlessly interconnected environment with transition strips that offer an almost imperceptible transition from one space to another, 


Discover an array of material choices tailored to suit the unique requirements of your project with Direct Line Flooring.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Indulge in elegance with our exquisitely designed LVT, offering ease of maintenance, a soft underfoot feel, and water resistance—an ideal choice for high-activity areas.

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite)

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, SPC combines wood’s beauty with stone’s strength. Boasting low maintenance and exceptional durability, it’s the perfect solution for high-traffic commercial floors.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

Experience the exceptional resistance to rot with our distinctive blend of natural wood and plastic fibers.

Vinyl Plank

Ideal for public spaces, our waterproof, easy-to-clean vinyl plank flooring stands out with its durability.

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)

A classic choice, VCT offers over 50 years of proven durability, affordability, and a diverse color palette.


Achieve both durability and hygiene with our scratch and water-resistant laminate options.

Vinyl Sheet

Embrace a flooring solution that retains fewer allergens, with seam-free construction preventing bacteria growth.

Floating Floors

Opt for an eco-friendly and comfortable choice with our snap or lock-together floating floors, facilitating easier installation and repair for spaces that otherwise require subfloor work.

Rubber Flooring

Withstanding high foot traffic effortlessly, our water-resistant rubber floors ensure resilience against moisture and spills.

Broadloom Carpet

Make a statement in large commercial spaces with our broadloom carpets, featuring colorful patterns and elegant design options that add sophistication and style.

Carpet Tiles

Versatile, durable, and easy to install, carpet tiles are the perfect choice for high-traffic areas.


Create a flawless surface and address damages or imperfections seamlessly with our self-leveling flooring solutions.